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QuiltCon Feature Article

My interview with Roderick Kiracofe, featured speaker at the inaugural QuiltCon, an international modern quilting convention.

In addition to writing two featured interviews, I edited the convention catalog and program.

CORE elearning

As editorial manager, I worked directly with this client to develop online healthcare training content that reflected the organization’s mission and brand.

My role included:
*Using client PowerPoints, notes, and web-based information to develop comprehensive eLearning training for clinical support staff
*Writing voiceover scripts for courses
*Developing in-course and end-of-course assessments
*Overseeing freelance writers

Ban Wikipedia? No Way! - Chalkboard: A Parent Perspective on Education in Seattle

I wrote this SEO-friendly post as the education blogger for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It earned me a mention on Ars Technica [], and drew hundreds of comments from around the world.

Unfortunately, all comments were lost when the Seattle P-I switched blogging platforms several years later.

Seattle's Child

Seattle's Child "Anxiety-Free Parent-Teacher Conferences"

I love researching issues and developing compelling, straightforward content for general audiences. I wrote this article for print in 2008. Since then, it has been shared across the web and in a book, Promising Practices to Support Family Involvement in Schools, by Diana Hiatt-Michael.